Static analysis - why is this so license restricted

Static analysis - why is this so license restricted

I have the latest C++ and Fortran Composer XE 12 that let me generate
the static analysis files, but Inspector XE will not let me open them.

Personally I think that if I have paid for the premium cost of Inspector XE that I should be able to do static analysis.

It really "stinks" that I have to purchase the full XE Studio.

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Static Security
Analysis is available in the Intel Parallel Studio XE and Intel C++ Studio XE
product bundles. It is not available
when components are purchased separately.
However, special upgrade pricing is available.

Intel Parallel
Studio XE 2011 is less expensive than purchasing the products individually. I believe, with just the price of Intel
Composer XE 2011 and Intel Inspector XE 2011 you can get the entire Intel
Parallel Studio XE 2011 which includes Intel Composer XE, Intel VTune
Amplifier XE, and Intel Inspector XE. Information
about Static Security Analysis can be found on this SSA

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