ISWSHEX.dll memory leak and kernal resource leak

ISWSHEX.dll memory leak and kernal resource leak

compiling a control C++ program calling a Fortran XE program.
Just strarting evaluation of XE Inspector and came across ISWSHEX.sll being noted as having leaks, etc
that DLL (on an internet search) is related to ZoneAlarm security monitoring of program (i guess)
so i turned off ZoneAlarm, recompiled andreran the evaluation.
still coming up.
and idea? and how to eliminate or should i ignore?


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I'm not sure if ISWSHEX.dll has "real" memory leaks. If you think that the reportwas wrong - please provide test case (program) for investigating.

Also you can ignore this information by doing - Open "Project Properties", click "Target" tab, add ISWSHEX.dll" into "Exclude modules:".

Regards, Peter

Thanks Peter,
Just in getting started with Inspector XE and i was suprised that ISWSHEX was even attached to my program??
particulalry oncei turned off ZoneAlarm (their the culpritswith the ISWSHEX).
May 'pure' test it by rebooting w/o ZoneAlarm to see if that clears it. Otherwise not sure why Inspector XE is attaching that to my program (i might suspect during I/O but one option of the program has NO I/O (just number crunching memory swap)


Inspector XE 2011 will monitor all loaded modules at runtime, including ISWSHEX>

The user can ignore all IO modules, kernel modules by adding them to "exclude modules"

Regards, Peter

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