Core dump location

Core dump location


I ran an application through the Inspector. The application threw an exception that was notcaught, but I can't find the core dump.

Where does the Inspector place the application core dumps?


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This is not the Inspector XE related issue, I mean you can run application with/without Inspector XE when meet an unhandled exception, core file will be dumped - if you enabled "core dump". Please see:

Here I have to mention other thing - Inspector XE can break to an error in code and continue debugging with gdb.
For example:
[root@kentsfield-01 problem_report]# inspxe-cl -collect mi3 -knob appdebug=on-error -- ./test_memory.gcc
Used suppression file(s): []

Stopped at uninitialized read
- waiting for debugger to connect...

Regards, Peter

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