long delay after double clicking problem

long delay after double clicking problem

I maximize the settings (almost) in Inspector XE to find problems in my project.
After analysis is completed I may single click Problems in the Summary tab and have no big delay showing the details.
But if I double click the same line to see more source code, the delay is 2-3 minutes while the window is becoming grayed and unresponsive. In the task manager I see heavy use of memory an CPU.

For a small test run there is no delay.
Probably this delay could easily be removed if the developers where aware of it.


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Was it due to big program, and source files locates in different directories?Can you specify "Search Dirs" of binary, symbol, source for the Problem? You can do it in Project Properties. Will it get better?Regards, Peter

A related question; is it possible to set or view the "Search Dirs" after a completed analysis?

If I specify "Search Dirs" of binary, symbol, source before collection I still have to wait 2-3 minutes after double clicking a problem after analysis completed.

I did some testing and notice that if I enable "remove duplicates" the double click is fast again.
Checking "remove duplicates" the size of the data files are 13MB for .pdr.db3 and 2MB for .pdr
Without checking "remove duplicates" the size of the data files are 395MB for .pdr.db3 and 189MB for .pdr

It seems to me it is worth while to save a link to the source line together with the "source snippets" that is assembled during analysis. Or is it just a algorithmic problem in how necessary data is collected.
I run from inside VisualStudio2010 is not the paths to all source,bin,symbols in the VS project to be found?


Searching for binary & symbol file is helpful - when processing hot address and transfer to hot function, if binary and symbol file are available.Searching for source file is helpful - when clicking on hot function to display source line; if source file is not available, will display assembly code (if binary file is available)Enabling "remove duplicates" is quite good option, so don't process raw data which is duplicated. It saved process time in finalizing.Regards, Peter

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