inspector & opnet 16.0

inspector & opnet 16.0

Hi,I'm evaluating the Intel inspector and i have experienced a problem.I'm using the inspector to run a network simulator OPNET Modeler 16.0 ( .The OPNET modeler build my "user model" into a dll and then loads the dll and starts running it.The build process is done using Visual Studio 2010.Then i'm running the OPNET Modeler from a batch file (I need to add command line parameters) all is well.But when trying to run from within the Inspector the OPNET modeler fails to load my "user model dll" .My questions to summerize:1.Do you have any experiance with the OPNET Modeler?2.Is there a known issue with it?3.Is there any information i can collect to give more information why this happend?4.Alternativly ,the ability to attach after the process has already begun?TIA,Koby Meir

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In regards
to Intel Inspector and attaching to a process, currently Intel Inspector is
not designed to attach to an already running process. Intel Inspector needs to monitor the entire process
to capture dynamic memory and threading errors.

information of interest may be found in the following forum thread:


Hi,I have alreasy seen that post, I thougth that maybe things have changed.Any answer to my other questions?Koby Meir

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