Cannot find more than one thread?

Cannot find more than one thread?

Hi there~

I used inspector XE to test my binary in -O1 version and -g version in linux system. In -g version, it reported a race condition in which will run in single thread section (is strange but I'll check it later). But, in -O1 version, it just reported analysis fail, cannot find more than one thread. So no error is detected. However, when running -O1 binary, I can see 200 CPU usage in top command. Why does the inspector said that only one thread is detected? Thanks...

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Hello Yi-Ju,

If the application built with "-O1" is not running successfully within Intel Inspector XE 2011 (for example, if it exists prematurely due to say incorrect command line options), then it is possible for Inspector XE to report that only one thread was found. So, to eliminate this problem, please ensure that your application can run successfully outside of Inspector XE and only then run the application within Inspector XE (please be sure to provide all necessary command line arguments to your application and also double check to make sure that your application is running properly).

If the suggestion above does not help, please provide a reproducible test case which demonstrates this problem and I will be happy to escalate the issue.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


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