Source File Not Found Error

Source File Not Found Error

Hi Folks,

I am now getting Source File Not Found when I run "Detect Memory Problems". The source hasn't changed from the last compile. On the previous run it could find the source file.Anyone know what the problem could be?Thanks for your helpAll the best,Ash

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Hi Ash,

Whether your source directory are kept with binary, or build environment is kept in same machine?

If you have build environment on this machine, simply rebuild the binary to verify.

If you have build environment on other machine, please use Project Properties, click on "Search Directories", select "Source files", then click on grayed are of "Add new line" to input your source directory.

Regards, Peter

Hi Peter,

The files are on a local drive. It seems to happen intermittently, it is now working. If I notice a pattern I'll report back.

All the best,

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