Does Intel Inspector XE 2013 eval support QT projects also

Does Intel Inspector XE 2013 eval support QT projects also

When running the eval product for detecting Memory problems the application is failing to start.Our project is a run on VS2008 qith QT 4.8 pligin...

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Can anyone please reply to this...:(

Yes, you should be able to use the tool with QT. It certainly should not be crashing.

Is there any chance that you could attach a debugger while running this and generate a call stack for us. Alternatively, I'm not sure how old your evaluation version is, since it doesn't have heartbeat info, it looks pretty old, you might want to try the released version instead.

The developer is thinking if there is anything else that we can try out without a reproducer or a stack. If you have a reproducer you would be more comfortable emailing, you can send it to me directly (

Thanks, and I am sorry you are having this problem

We are working with Fredrick on this off-line. I will post any resolution that we come to to this forum, for the searchers of the future to find.

Here is an update on the status of this issue.

We have been unable to reproduce a crash using either earlier or more recent versions of QT. We have also determined that the log files do not show a crash (the results files are also intact and properly terminated). However, that doesn't mean that the application ran correctly.

We've contacted Fredrick with a couple of things that he can try to help us isolate his issue.

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