App exits way to soon

App exits way to soon

I'm trying to run a memory error analysis on a Win32 OpenGL game compiled with Visual Studio 2010. I'm using a demo of Parallal Studio XE 2013. It starts to run the game then quickly exits before the window is even shown and does not report any errors. vTune Amplifier runs it just fine.

I've tried all 3 modes Detect Leaks, Detect Memory Problems, Locate Memory Problems all with the same result.

The collector Messages window mostly lists modules Loaded and Unloaded and this line:
Application exit code: -1073741819

By using log files I narrowed down the code that causes the exit to:
    char sTempPath[1024];
    SHGetSpecialFolderLocation(NULL, CSIDL_PERSONAL, &pidl);
    SHGetPathFromIDList(pidl, sTempPath);

If I comment that out the program executes a little further and exits again.

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Sometime inspector XE has big overheads when developer's project is huge, including of linking runtime libraries & 3rd-party libraries.
User may has interest of module to be checked, to exclude other libraries, to save time. Here is an example:

inspxe-cl -collect mi2 -module-filter-mode=include -module-filter=[my_exe | my_dll] -- foo.exe

I don't know if your problem was to due to timeout of message (caused by overhead), in system modules? But you can try above

In project properties I set to only include our exe in the list of modules. Same result though, exits before even showing a window.

I just got the update to Intel Inspector and tried again, now it says:
Error: Internal error. Please contact Intel customer support team.
Application exit code: -1073741819

Did you use Inspector XE 2013 initial release to test?

Regarding this is program specific issue, please go to submit a ticket with your executables, to help of reproducing this probelm.

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