Fortran : insufficient memory

Fortran : insufficient memory

Dear all,

I have been running my code successfully with my Intel Fortran 10, right now I need to add more allocatable variables and I got an error "insufficient virtual memory". I am sure my computer has enough memory to run this program. Is there a way to change the setting in fortran in some way to make this work? Thanks

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You use Intel? Fortran Compiler 10 which is very old - now current version is 13.

Please go  Intel® Visual Fortran Compiler for Windows* forurm or Intel® Fortran Compiler for Linux* and Mac OS X* forum to discuss.

Regards, Peter

If you are in 32-bit mode, you can't extend the address space used by your allocatable arrays beyond the 2GB segment available to Fortran.  As Peter said, this looks like an issue to search for similar question and ask followups on one of the Fortran forum sections.

>>...I got an error "insufficient virtual memory"...

Please follow these steps in order to increase size of a Virtual Memory for Windows OSs:

Control Panel -> System -> Advanced -> In Performance groupbox 'Settings' -> Advanced -> In Virtual Memory groupbox 'Change' -> Increase Initial and Maximum sizes by 2 or 4 -> Press OK -> A computer restart could be requested.

This is a short follow up.

>>...I got an error "insufficient virtual memory"...

Run msinfo32.exe utility and it will show current settings for the Virtual Memory. For example, on a 32-bit WIndows platform it could look like:
Total Virtual Memory 2.00 GB
Available Virtual Memory 1.96 GB

Sysinternals VMMap tool will give a more accurate breakdown of memory usage.

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