Memory growth detection with command-line?

Memory growth detection with command-line?

There is a "enable-memory-growth-detection" knob in inspxe-cl, how is it possible to use it within the command line?

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Please see this article - I'm sorry there are some Chinese characters, but you can read example code and follow steps. It should work.


I've tried that and it seems like memory-growth-start doesn't work correctly (I'm using 2013-u3 because of the interactive console bug in recent versions): it lists all allocated memory from the process start as "Memory growth" until transaction end, instead of the difference between transaction start and end.

Don't know why it didn't work on your side. Have you tested my test case in article?

I just verified, it worked. My version -

# inspxe-cl -version
Intel(R) Inspector XE 2013 Update 6 (build 283349) Command Line tool
Copyright (C) 2009-2013 Intel Corporation. All rights reserved.

Please see my attaching screen-shot.


Downloadimage/png mem-growth.png39.93 KB

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