Internal error, Application exit code: -1073741819

Internal error, Application exit code: -1073741819

I'm trying to analyze a C++ project in VS2010 using Inspector XE 2013 update 7. No matter what project I try, even a simple hello world C++ project, I get an error message saying

Error: Internal error. Please contact Intel customer support team.
Application exit code: -1073741819

I tried rebooting, reinstalling Inspector XE, creating a new project in a new location but keep getting the same error. Inspector XE has worked flawlessly before though I haven't used it for a couple of months, probably not since update 6.

What's the next step in troubleshooting this?

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Could you attach a result directory, or send it to me in a private message.

This problem was solved by updating the NVidia Gefore Experience.   Posting this as an FYI in case anyone else runs into it.

It looks like UI related problem.

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