search directory not set in GUI

search directory not set in GUI


I have set the search directories for the project under tabs "Binary/Symbol Search" and "Source Search",

but when I run any test and see the command line for it, it doesnt show the '-search-dir' option. Why is that so ?



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When you are setting up the analysis, if you click the "Command Line" button in the lower right hand corner, are the search directories listed there?


I believe that what you are seeing is that the GUI will use the search directories later during the finalization phase, so it does not need to use them when it launches the collector. On the other hand, if you were launching from the CLI you would need to have that information when you launch the initial run since the CLI does not come back to the user again before finalization.

I assume your binaries/source are being found?



Does not finalization happen automatically after collector analysis has finished , irrespective of GUI or CLI ?

And no, the Command text in GUI doesnt show '-search-dir' option. No I am not able to resolve symbols in my own shared objects.

I think it is because the sources can not be located. Even when I try to re-resolve, it still does not show the sources inside shared libraries.


Static linked or dynamic linked? full path or relative path?

When the tool is run, there is a collection phase and a resolution phase. As far as the user sees, they happen at the same time, but internally there is a call to the collector and then a call to the data model.




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