find-leaks on already running analysis

find-leaks on already running analysis


When I try to run the following command on already running analysis , I get an error that is :

COMMAND = inspxe-cl -command find-leaks -result-dir r000mi3/

ERROR = Warning : Cannot communicate with the process.

Can you tell me how to get memory leaks from the running analysis without stopping it ?



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I forgot to add that I am able to STOP the running analysis with this command.

What version of Inspector are you using?

Is this Windows or Linux?

How did you start the original Inspector process?


I am using intel inspector XE 2013 on Linux.

inspxe-cl -collect mi2 -search-dir all:rp=<path-to-sources+symbols> -executable-of-interest=<my-executable-name> -verbose -- <my-application-startup-script>


Do you have the right directory specified in command?  The collection command is for 'mi2', and the directory in the find-leaks command (r000mi3) would have been started with 'mi3'.

(Since you said you could stop the collection with '-command stop', this may just be an inconsistency in the posted text.)


If that is correct, could you look at <result directory>/inspxe-runmc.log.  It should have a more detailed description about the command-error in there.  (Alternately, you could send the whole result directory to me to look at).

The text 'mi2' is a type error in my last comment. I hve given the correct directory in the command when i did my analysis.
I m sure abt that.

Even when i try to find-leaks during memory analysis in GUI i get this error of 'Warning : Cannot communicate with the process.'

I am having the same issue. This is on windows. I get the following error in inspxe-runmc.log

<msg id="2" tool="runtool">
  <description>unable to open lock file for sending command to collector</description>

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