Multiple modules with module-filter

Multiple modules with module-filter


I would like to seek clarification to usage of -module-filter option:

inspxe-cl -collect mi2 ... -module-filter module-A,module-B -- <command and arguments>

According to the manual, the above command would report memory errors for both module-A and module-B.

In my environment, the above does not work. It only reports 1 error, instead of a superset of module-A and module-B.

Instead, specifying module-filter multiple times like this worked for me:

inspxe-cl -collect mi2 ... -module-filter module-A -module-filter module-B -- <command and arguments>

I am using Intel Inspector XE 2013 Update 8 on Windows7-x64.



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Hello Frankie,

The comma-separated syntax should work, if there are no spaces. Can you double check that no spaces left between module names? And do you have a sample to share to reproduce the issue?



Yes I double-checked. It does not have white-spaces in between. I don't have an sample yet.

I switched to running cases with Inspector-GUI, I picked 2 modules to include as filter. From the 'Command Line...' Dialog, it is actually calling the inspector command-line with this argument:

-module-filter-mode=include -module-filter=[Absolute-Path-To-Module-1] -module-filter=[Absolute-Path-To-Module-2]

So the GUI is not using comma-separated arguments to -module-filter either.




@ Frankie

I tested both, they can work!  For example:

#inspxe-cl -collect mi3 -module-filter-mode=include -module-filter=./primes.icc,/lib64/ -- ./primes.icc

#inspxe-cl -collect mi3 -module-filter-mode=include -module-filter=./primes.icc -module-filter=/lib64/ -- ./primes.icc 

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