unsolved memeory error of build-in qt application

unsolved memeory error of build-in qt application

I am running intel inspector XE 2013 for a demo of QT application. it turns out lots of lots of errors such as Kernel resource leak, Memory leak, Uninitialized memory access...

I go to call stacks for one of the memory leak, but all of them point the QT model , function and filename.

How should I solve this problems?  or they are ignorable? any help will be appreciated.


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I attach the screenshot of my previous post


Downloadimage/jpeg demo-Review.JPG305.98 KB
Downloadimage/jpeg demo-review-callstack.JPG230.89 KB

In general speaking, you have no way to change code in QT library for kernel resource issue, so you may use option "-knob detect-resource-leaks=false" to filter these data.

You also might filter some errors located at some system dlls, i.e. ole32.dll - for example, use below option:

"-module-filter-mode=exclude -module-filter=ole32.dll" or "-module-filter-mode=include -module-filter=interview.exe" 

You may focus the errors which can locate at your demo source.

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