valgrind suppresion file conversion failure

valgrind suppresion file conversion failure


I'm trying to convert the attached valgrind suppression file but get this message:

/opt/intel/inspector_xe_2013/bin64/inspxe-cl -convert-suppression-file -from "./valgrind_maya.txt" -to "./inspxe_maya.sup"
Error: Unable to convert old format or third-party suppression file <snip>./valgrind_maya.txt to new suppression file <snip>./inspxe_maya.sup. Failed to load suppression file.

The suppression file works with valgrind-3.9.0


Downloadtext/plain valgrind_maya.txt6.08 KB
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I can reproduce this problem with your valgrind suppression file on latest Update 9. 

I have escalated this problem to engineering team, and will get back as soon as I can.

Thanks for this valuable report.

Regards, Peter

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