Symbols not found - .pdb files

Symbols not found - .pdb files

I would like to have more info about the pdb files which should be associated with the analysis.

  • Should the pdb file be the result from the same compilation that gave the .dll that I wish to inspect ? 
  • If a lib is linked to the dll that i want to inspect, should i have the pdb for the lib ? should they be the exact pdb files that were generated at the same time as the lib that is linked ?

Thanks for your help

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PDB file should be same of dll version, and source should not be "touched" - it means, date of source file is older than date of pdb/dll

If your lib has been linked into dll? Is it static linking? If so, lib's pdb will not be used; If not (dynamical link), please keep right pdb version for use.

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