Inspector does not let my program read external files.

Inspector does not let my program read external files.

I have a program that must read a configuration file when it starts but whenever I start this program inside inspector the program does not read this external configuration file. If I execute the program outside of Inspector the program loads this file fine.

Is these something I can do so that my program reads the config file?


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It sounds this is impossible.

On GUI, have you added items into "User-defined environment variables" which is in <Project Properties>\Target tab ? These user environment variables might be required for program to read external files.

Another way is, use a console which can ran your app to read external files, without Inspector XE. Then run inspxe-gui or inspxe-cl, they will inherit all system variables and user variables from this console.

I did not adjust the env variables but I did adjust other options like the working directory.

Everything is working now, thank you.

 Yes. Run Inspector from console which has right working directory, will help. Thank you let me know the problem has been solved:-)

I'm having the same problems with Advisor but I cant fix it with the console and I dont see any properties windows, what should I do?

Please go this forum to discuss the problem from Advisor XE.

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