How to analyze a C# ASMX web service?

How to analyze a C# ASMX web service?

I only have Inspector XE 2013 installed and use Visual Studio for an IDE.

When I start the web service DLL in the Visual Studio debugger, it fires up WebDev.WebServer40.exe to actually test it.

Is there a way to threading and memory analysis on a VS2010 ASMX web service (.NET 4.0)?  if so how is this done?



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Please see release notes:

Supported programming languages: 
*  Fortran
*  C
*  C++

So, C#, Java, etc are not target to be analyzed, either for other managed code.

Machine oriented binary code can be analyzed, ONLY:-) 

According to this link, Inspector XE does support C# (see right-hand sidebar)

Also, I opened a C# solution (produces an EXE, not a DLL) and...

If I try to do a "Memory Error Analysis", Inspector XE states: You must use a threading analysis type to inspect managed code.

I was able to do the threading analysis on that solution.

I found these two links for windows services, but I don't now if this "technique" will work for an ASMX web service.

Being that there haven't been a lot of replies to my post, it seems doubtful that many people are analyzing ASMX web services.

Unless someone can offer a solution, I can try the 'windows service technique' on the WebDev.WebServer40.exe.



Sorry that I answered questions based on early Inspector XE version, now current version is Inspector XE 2013 Update 9.

Managed Application coding requirements 
.  Supported programming languages: 
    C# (full support for .NET* versions between 2.0 to 3.5 inclusive)
    C# (limited support for .NET 4.0 – see note below). 

Intel Inspector XE has limited support for .NET 4.0:
.  The Microsoft * Task Parallel Library classes and algorithms in the System.Threading.Tasks namespace are not supported.
.  The following synchronization class in the System.Threading namespace (new in .NET 4.0) is not supported: Barrier.

I practiced on C# application, which was a sample from the product, it works!

>inspxe-cl -collect mi3 -- parallel_nqueens_csharp.exe

However, your request is to profile a running service application, it might be impossible. Inspector should launch a target application then monitor it.


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