Intel(r) Parallel Studio XE 2015 Professional Edition

Intel(r) Parallel Studio XE 2015 Professional Edition

The latest release of Intel(r) Parallel Studio is now available.

If you have an active support license for Intel Parallel Studio, the Intel® Parallel Studio XE 2015 products are now available for download from the Intel® Registration Center.

New features for Intel® Inspector XE 2015:

  • New uninitialized memory error detection algorithm that uses deeper analysis method to substantially reduce the number of false positives.
  • Independent control of uninitialized memory analysis, which is off by default
  • Improved on-demand leak detection and memory growth interface.
  • Added memory usage graph during analysis.
  • Major performance improvement in threading error analysis.
  • Additional performance and stability improvements.
  • Static analysis is deprecated.  It may be removed in a future major release.  If you have concerns or feedback, please comment.
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@Holly Wilper

Hi Holly, with the Inspector XE 2013 I used to get a maximum memory usage alert when running a model I'm working on, after which the data collection (of the potential data race condition for example) is limited. If I remember correctly, the memory maximum is around ~2Gb. Is this issue had been addressed in the new Inspector XE 2015 ? Is there any way to increase the memory usage and possibly wait longer ?

Thanks very much,


@Jack_S and all

While the maximum memory usage did not change, we did implement a new memory access tracking algorithm for threading analysis that allows us to use half as much overhead per site that we have to keep track of. I can't guarantee that will translate to half as much overhead on your runs (because that depends on your code and how dominant keeping track of accesses is) but it should give you better results.

In house we have a few large codes that we could not fully analyze before because of that memory limitation that we now can analyze without any problem.

At the same time for threading we instituted a new algorithm for following code paths that got us a serious performance improvement, and then there was a performance improvement when we decreased memory usage just because of the cost of reading/writing memory went down.

@Holly Wilper

Thank you !

Is it possible to install Intel® Inspector XE for Linux*, Version 2015 (Initial Release) within the parallel XE3013 suit ? i.e. to update only the Inspector components to of the XE2015 ? Is it possible to any other component in the XE2015 suit (e.g, Vtune XE2015 for example) ?

Thanks again,


@Jack S


The underlying tools are all available as individual components and you can update some without updating them all. In fact, my current setup has Composer XE 2013, Inspector XE 2015, Advisor XE 2015, and VTune Amplifier XE 2013.

Just go to and get the latest package for the individual component.

@Holly Wilper

Thank you Holly !


I'm looking to buy a copy of inspector.  Currently I have Intel Parallel Studio XE Composer Edition for Fortran Windows.

On this page: it says "Available in... Intel Parallel Studio XE".

On the parallel studio XE 2015 page: nothing is mentioned about Inspector.

Like most software manufacturers, the different tiers are very confusing.  My question is what do i have to buy to get inspector?  My life would be easier if there was just one product that contained everything (which i would gladly pay more for to save me these headaches and having to sift through the marketing).

Is there a way to get a trial license of Inspector?  If so I can't find it.



On the page you were looking on calls it "memory and threading debugging". I'm going to pass your comment along to the folk who do those pages.

But the short answer is that you need the Professional Edition at minimum (and the Cluster edition if you have a reason to use MPI).

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