Symbol information not found

Symbol information not found

VS 2015 Update 3, Intel Inspector XE 2016 Update 3 (build 460803), Windows 7 64 bit, analyzing a 64 bit program.

When I run the preset analysis "Locate memory problem" from the project node context menu, symbols for the program itself cannot be apparently loaded. When the program completes, a memory leak problem is reported in the Summary tab, but the lower pane says "Symbol information not found. Suggestion" etc. There is only the module name, and a hex address.

The program is built with debug information (I tried both /Zi and /ZI), and I can debug it just fine, the VS debugger loads symbols. Also, Inspector seems to report the location for another (probably bogus) problem of a mismatched allocation, pinpointing the location inside msvcp140d.dll all with source file and line number. It is only my own symbols that cannot be loaded.

How can I proceed troubleshooting from this point on?

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Is the module name for the memory leak reported by Inspector the main binary of your application or another dll? If it's a library, can you confirm that this library was build with symbols?

It seems that the culprit is the /Debug:FASTLINK linker option that was added to Microsoft's linker in VS 2015 Update 1 (full details

Apparently. Inspector XE is unable to read symbols from a Partial PDB format generated with this option. When I switched to the old PDB generation, the error went away. (/DEBUG without a qualifier :FASTLINK).

I did not test this with Inspector 2017 yet.

You are right. FASTLINK is not supported in our tools currently, you should disable it for Inspector analysis.

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