Memory Error Analysis doesn't work

Memory Error Analysis doesn't work


I'm using Intel Inspector XE 2017 Update 10 under Windows 10/64bit. I can't use any of the memory error analysis types provided.

If I select "Detect Leaks" I get the error message " The Byte Limit before reallocation knob value cannot be applied"

For Detect Leaks and Memory Access Problems I get "The Guard zone size knob value cannot be applied"

However I can copy one of the analysis types and use a custom analysis but it's awful slow and doesn't match the time overhead shown in the memory error analysis configuration.

Did I miss something here?

Thanks in advance!

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Can you attach your result directory?


I don't have any results because I can't start any memory analysis the 'Start' button is greyed out.

I attached two screenshots that show that behavior.


Can you confirm the version you are using...

You mentioned: Intel Inspector XE 2017 Update 10

We  have only just released 2017 Update 3

Oh sorry that was a typo. I'm using Update 2. I tried to download the Update 3 but there is a problem with the update files. If I download with the Intel Software Manager I don't get the Windows version of the Inspector Update 3 but the Linux version. The same goes for the Intel Advisor 2017 Update 3.


Are you setting the INSPXE_EXPERIMENTAL environment variable?

Oh yes you're right. Don't know how this was set. Should I remove this variable?

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