Inspector 2018 - Internal error contact Intel

Inspector 2018 - Internal error contact Intel

I have downloaded Intel Studio Parallel  Studio on Centos 7 64bit and have tried to use Inspector, however when I try to run the project I get an internal error contact Intel.

Anybody have an idea?

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We need to look at the results generated to check the error log files.

Can you file a support issue for Inspector? Attach the result directory generated.


I failed to file a support issue following the procedure described in When I click on the 'Request support' link I get on the 'Create a Support Account' page where I'm supposed to enter my personal information. The problem is that the 'Next' button on that page stays disabled (as well as some of the fields like first name, last name etc) even after I enter the information into the enabled fields so I can't progress past this page and as result can't file any issue into your system.






Could you try to clear cache and cookies. Then try again.




Can you file a support issue for Inspector? One of our engineers will be in contact with you. You will need to generate some

additional log files that will allow us to debug the issues. These log files can be attached to the support issue.

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