Very slow execution Inspector Linux

Very slow execution Inspector Linux


I'm using Intel(R) Inspector 2017 Update 1 (build 484836) Command Line tool to find a memory corruption an application server, but I can't finish the test with inspector because it take a lot of time, about hours for single execution.

I try to use the collection-with option and with this option just test for leaks problems and don't to memory access problems.

Below is some line commands that i try, just the # 2 end the execution.

1) inspxe-cl --collect mi3 -- /home/fg/p11/bin/appserverx64/appsrvlinux

2) nspxe-cl -collect-with runmc -knob enable-memory-growth-detection=false -knob enable-guard-zones=true -knob enable-on-demand-leak-detection=false -knob detect-leaks-on-exit=false  -- /home/fg/p11/bin/appserverx64/appsrvlinux

3) inspxe-cl -collect mi2 -knob enable-on-demand-leak-detection=false -- /home/fg/p11/bin/appserverx64/appsrvlinux

Is there some option to just run memory access problems ?





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Yes.... we have api's that allow you to control what portions of your app are analyzed.

The main recommendation I would give is to try to analyze on the smallest subset of the problem that you can.

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