how to run Intel Inspector

how to run Intel Inspector

Could you please provide instructions on how to run Intel Inspector in batch.

The main reason of using this software is an Intel support recommendation addressing an Intel 18.0 compiler crash problem for the Met Office UM (Unified Model).

Based on the related description of the reported problem under Request#:03238439, there is a high probability that this problem has been recently introduced in the compiler.

I will appreciate if a short description is provided on how to investigate the problem using a batch job environment with Intel Inspector.

After spending a bit of my time I have not been able to navigate the required information on the Intel software site.

Just case, my e-mail address is

Thank you.

Ilia Bermous

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I think probably it is worthwhile in relation to my inquiry to provide a set of detailed questions.

1. Should all options (mi1, mi2 and mi3) specified at once or separate runs are required?

2. If these options can be specified at once, what is the syntax of the corresponding option?

3. What is the syntax of the directory in the "-result-dir=" option,  is it relative to the directory in which the job running or an "absolute"?

4. Should this directory be created before the job execution?

The man pages on the inspxe-cl for intel-inspector/2016.1.3.460803 available on our site don't provide the required information.

Thank you.

Ilia Bermous

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