Intel INDE is coming!

Intel INDE is coming!

Intel INDE is coming soon! Intel INDE is a cross-platform development suite enabling developers to create and deliver native apps for Android* and Microsoft Windows* targets. A beta pre-release will be available shortly. Sign up to be notified when Intel INDE is available here.

Intel INDE enables efficient reuse of performance-sensitive code across operating systems and platforms with consistent C++/Java tools, libraries & samples for environment setup, code creation, compilation, debugging and analysis. Tools included in the beta pre-release are:

  • Environment Setup (includes Google Android* SDK, Android NDK, vs-android plug-in for Microsoft* Visual Studio*, Android Design*, Apache Ant, and Intel* Hardware Accelerated Execution Manage (Intel(R) HAXM)
  • Intel* INDE Media Pack for Android*
  • Intel* Threading Building Blocks
  • Compute Code Builder
  • Intel* C++ Compiler for Android*
  • System Analyzer from the Intel* Graphics Performance Analyzers
  • Frame Analyzer from the Intel* Graphics Performance Analyzers
  • Platform Analyzer from the Intel* Graphics Performance Analyzers
  • Intel* Frame Debugger

To learn more, check out our product page at: 


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I signed up for the beta program - don't know if I will get accepted or not.

I am a noob for Android development. I am installing the tools for my first project. I am struggling to get Android development setup for use with Visual Studio 2010. About 5 hours into installation now. I hope the experience with INDE is less problematic. I am not asking anyone to resolve the installation problems here, I just want to list them while I have it fresh in my memory. Hopefully I will not miss too much.

First off, the Google Android SDK (installation) does not resolve any dependencies....
You have to figure this out as you go.

1) Download Android SDK from
2) Un-pack, read files and additional notes on website
3) Need JAVA Runtime system, find and install JRT
4) Want VS 2010 integration, search web, find vs-android at (this link not found on the Android SDK page)
5) download vs-android, unpack, download vs-android examples, unpack
6) run an install script
7) Open example solution, open works, can see platform is Android
8) Try Build, error, missing environment variable to JAVA
9) Figure out hot to fix that
10) Try build, JAVA_HOME not right, because it wants the SDK not the RunTimeSystem files.
11) Back to Oracle, download and install JAVA SDK
12) Fixup environment variables
13) Build fails, need Android NDK. My system is x64, download x64 NDK, install
14) Back to VS, Build fails, need Ant SDK
15) Find Ant SDK, download and unzip
16) Set path
17) VS, Build fails, need And binaries
18) Download Ant binaries, install, reset Ant path
19) VS,  Build fails
20) Search web, find out x64 NDK with VS 2010 broken - nobody knows why, suggestion to use x32 version instead
21) Download 32-bit version, install, fixup environment variable
22) VS, Build, build fails but gets further ("C:\Downloads\apache-ant-1.9.3-bin\apache-ant-1.9.3\bin\ant.bat" exited with code 9020)
... the saga continues

I certainly hope INDE goes smoother than this.

Jim Demspey

Saga continues,

Apparently Ant binaries and Ant sources, which install (unzip) in different folders, need to be in the same root folder, at least this is my guess.

Jim Dempsey

Hi Jim!

Remember me? It's been a while. :-) I haven't ever tried to set up Visual Studio for Android development, but it sounds like it's kind of difficult. The premise behind INDE is definitely aimed at making the overall process of getting a development environment for Android up and running as easy as possible (as well as integrating some cool Intel tools). 

Have you considered trying a different IDE, like Eclipse or IntelliJ? If you install the standalone Android SDK, it installs Eclipse and all the Android "stuff" (like a virtual device/emulator manager, etc.), and makes it pretty easy to get started writing Android apps in Java. I know it's not VS, but it might be worth a try.

Nice to hear from you again - take care! :-)

Thanks a lot for the Information and the tool looking forward to it.

VS, Build, build fails but gets further ("C:\Downloads\apache-ant-1.9.3-bin\apache-ant-1.9.3\bin\ant.bat" exited with code 9020)

I have been receiving the same error and found this interesting note stating that it was a side by side issue caused by java.exe

I followed the instructions and made sure that I was pointing to an x86 version of the jdk-- but nothing changes...

Has anyone found a solution??  I have it working in Eclipse.  I want VS though...


I had a similar problem.   Ended up that there was an older version of java.exe in my windows\system32 folder.    One way to fix this is to either delete this (rename is probably better), or add the path to your java in the windows environment path value.

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