Questions/suggestions about Inde!

Questions/suggestions about Inde!

Hope that also INDE is enabled for Android 64-bit Intel targets (i.e. Intel Compiler for Android supports compiling for x64 androidd) as these are coming soon (i.e. Baytrail 64bit ATOMS)..

Also interested to see Compute Code builder and if Intel enables or will enable OpenCL on Intel on Android targets as other manufacturers do altough not officially supported by Google..

also related question is Intel shipping GPU accelerated Renderscript on Intel Android new devices (baytrails)?

finally don't know if it's right place to ask but Nvidia seems will ship a full OpenGL driver for Tegra K1 on Android as shown in CES so asking if Intel is also interested on shipping full OpenGL desktop like (not OGL ES) drivers on Android which could use Mesa.. I say that because I see (which is Intel site) shows "Desktop-Quality 3D Graphics on Mobile Linux* Devices". I say that because presumably would be good to have support in GPA for this case (full OGL desktop profile)..





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We're just getting INDE started, and congrats on submitting the first questions!

I'm working on getting answers back to you on this.



Thanks for support..

Now Intel OpenCL 2014 beta has been released and contains Android OCL files but seems they only contain CPU support not GPU support hope this changes in the future (non beta release)..

As said for me most interesting will be getting full OGL driver similar to soon on Nvidia Tegra K1.. Intel has good OGL drivers either on Windows (almost GL 4.3 support) and Linux (core 3.3 but lots of 4.x extensions).. hope we can get also on Android as these contain geo shaders etc..



Your questions are asking whether Intel will be providing certain features in future product releases, and it is company policy that I cannot respond as to whether these will be incorporated into Intel products.

However, thanks for your interest in INDE, and for the recommendations that you are making -- your feedback is being forwarded to the INDE product owners.

As you know, Intel is very committed to providing developers with the tools they need to be successful developing products on the Android platform. As versions of INDE are released, we welcome your feedback (and that of others as well!) as to how successful we've been in meeting your needs.




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