INDE is live

INDE is live

INDE is officially live as a free beta! To download, visit

This first release is available for use on Microsoft Windows* 7-8.1 development systems and supports cross-platform development for Microsoft Windows and Android* target devices. If you'd like support on another development or target OS, please leave a comment and share your feedback.

Intel INDE enables efficient reuse of performance-sensitive code across operating systems and platforms with consistent C++/Java tools, libraries & samples for environment setup, code creation, compiling, debugging and analyzing. Tools included in the beta pre-release are:

  • Environment Setup (includes Google Android* SDK, Android NDK, vs-android plug-in for Microsoft Visual Studio*, Android Design*, Apache Ant, and Intel* Hardware Accelerated Execution Manager (Intel* HAXM) - formerly Beacon Mountain beta
  • Intel* INDE Media Pack for Android*
  • Intel* Threading Building Blocks
  • Compute Code Builder beta
  • Intel* C++ Compiler for Android*
  • System Analyzer from the Intel* Graphics Performance Analyzers
  • Frame Analyzer from the Intel* Graphics Performance Analyzers
  • Platform Analyzer from the Intel* Graphics Performance Analyzers
  • Intel* Frame Debugger beta

Download today, start coding, and let us know what you think:


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