Issues on installing INDE for Android in Windows 8.1

Issues on installing INDE for Android in Windows 8.1

I am trying to install INDE for android and facing issues on installation . 

Workstation Config :

Intel i5 64 bit , 4GB , Windows 8.1 Pro version installed.

Software Installed :

Android, Eclipse, ADT, VS Express 2012 for Windows Phone , VS 2013 for Web, Store apps


When I hit install in "Environment Setup" it pops an error "This computer does not support  Intel Visualization(VT-X) " - Will it have any impact ?

 Then the installation due to two different issues (Please find the images) Error messages does not provide much details on it 

Can anyone explain about the exact cause and fix for those errors ?

Am I missing anything ? is there any step by step guide for properly installing the INDE and start the development ?

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Thanks for your use of INDE, and sorry that you've run into some installation issues.

First of all, Intel HAXM is a hardware-assisted engine that can help speed up the Android emulator that runs on your Windows machine. Intel HAXM requires VT-X, which your system does not support. So INDE will not install HAXM on your system, but the other functions and features of the Android development kit should install and work OK. You can find out more about HAXM at this site.

Next, error 1603 that you see is not expected. Unfortunately this is a generic error message -- we'll need your log file to help decode the details. So please look on your system for the following directory:
   %TEMP%/intel_tmp_<USERID>/<time stamped folder from install>
Within this folder is a log file (something like "pid_####.log"). Copy this log file in your reply, and we'll take a look at it to see what's happening.

If you want to look at this yourself, we've seen one other instance of error 1603, and this occurred when the MD5 signature of the file downloaded by INDE didn't match the MD5 signature of the original file. This specific error is still being investigated.




Neal , Thanks for the quick response . Have a look at the attached log file found in the location which u have mentioned. Let me know if you want more details.


Downloadapplication/octet-stream pid_5872.log515.24 KB


The files you provided looks good -- I'll let you know if the development team needs more info.



The problem has been known to the general public since at least 2012.  HAXM (the part of INDE that requires VT-x) will not install on a Windows 8 or 2012 machine that has Hyper-V installed.  If Hyper-V is enabled, HAXM will claim that your processor does not support Intel VT-x, even though it probably does.


The error message is frustrating since most people know that they have a VT-x processor and VT-x enabled but they continue to get this error message telling them they do not.



Until they do, if HAXM is important to you, remove the Hyper-V feature or create a boot entry using BCEDIT as described here:

Hopefully, Intel will acknowledge this problem and remedy it or, at the very least, include this information in the currently useless error message.


Best of luck.






It is really easy to disable Hyper-V on Windows 8.1 Pro or higher to make it possible for the software to install.

Just go to Programs and Features, then click on Turn Windows features on or off and deactivate both Hyper-V and Hyper-V Management Tools. You can install them later if you need them.

However, in case you work with mobile development, take into account that the Windows Phone emulator requires Hyper-V.

Hope it helps.


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