FIXED: After downloading "Environment Setup", "install" option not available

FIXED: After downloading "Environment Setup", "install" option not available

This is observed on a Windows 7 Enterprise 64-bit sysem, please respond with a way to do this Install and try out INDE

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Just checking... Your problem is that after you download and install INDE, when you attempt to download and install the Environment option it says "downloading..." but never finishes this? If you logout and/or reboot, does the problem still occur?

If so, please reboot, use the Windows control panel to remove INDE, then reboot, then re-download and re-install INDE and see if this now works?



Hello Neal,

The problem is that the status of "Download" changes to "Downloading..." and after the download completes, it goes back to "Download" again, instead of "Install" and this repeats each time you try to Download.

I tried closing the browser, rebooting etc and the problem persist.

I will try to now re-install as you suggested.

The problem still persist for the "Environment Setup" option even after reboot/uninstall/re-install. After Downloading..., it goes back to "Download" and no way to do the "Install".

But other options like "Compiler", "Media", "Threading" etc, turns to "Install" after Downloading.

Only the Environment Setup is not working, I am unable to proceed with INDE

Please see the attached image showing "Environment Setup" was downloaded 3 times, as per the notifications in INDE


Downloadimage/png EnvironmentSetupDownloaded.png331.49 KB


thanks for trying this... let me do some further investigation on this issue.

by the way, what OS are you running, and what processor?



Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-3770K CPU @ 3.50GHz

Memory 16GB

Windows 7 Enterprise, 64 bit Operating System


It ends up that we've had one other customer who has seen a similar issue. The best way to fix this is to provide you with a copy of the environment installer that you can run outside of INDE -- though not a solution that anyone likes, it's the fastest way to get you up and running with INDE.

I'll send you a private message with details on how to access this.



That sounds good! I will look forward to that email.

Thanks a lot for the help!



For those watching this thread, note that we've identified the issue, fixed it, and the current version of INDE now includes this fix.



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