Why ICC14 claims it can't integrate with NDK being in common pack??

Why ICC14 claims it can't integrate with NDK being in common pack??

I trying to install INDE.

Environment setup installed. But when ICC 14 installation pregresses it at one piohnt says it may not integrate with NDK.

How so, if they put together into same INDE conglomeration? Should this warning be solved or removed?

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Are you having problems using ICC with NDK, or is your question mostly about the warning message that you are seeing?

Also, do you still have a copy of that message around?




For now I can't say if there are problems with ICC integration cause I don't know how should look directory tree with correctly completed integration (and didn't attempt to use ICC per se, only GCC 4.8 toolset for now). So on this stage I would say it's remark only about installation process.

Regarding message copy - no I didn't do screenshot at installation time. But looking into ICC integration script one can quite ease establish from where that message came.

If you look that script you will see that that script "knows" only NDK r9 up to r9c. While NDK provided in pack is NDK r9d . r9d is unknown hence script complains about this situation. Will retry with "force" switch do correct integration or not - I don't know. Worth to check by INDE testing team perhaps.


Thanks for the info...

I'm doing some more checking with the developers on this.



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There's sort of a workaround for this.  The version of Intel INDE that you have probably gets the r9d but only 14v1 of the ICC.  You need 14v2 of the ICC to recognize r9d correctly. It is available by clicking the evaluate now link (right side) at https://software.intel.com/en-us/c-compiler-android. Be sure to put it exactly where ICC14 v1 had downloaded. Hopefully that will integrate for you.

Thanks, Colleen for helping out on this.

And I'll also file a bug with the INDE/ICC teams to get the version of ICC updated.




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