Few questions and suggestions regarding INDE pack

Few questions and suggestions regarding INDE pack

1) Is it possible to do ARM binary with ICC for Android? Can ARM processor be a target or only GCC-based toolchain will do that (I mean ICC as part of INDE pack and the same for GCC variants) ?

2) As INDE main purpose as I see it to simplify dealing with initially Linux-based tools on Windows (GCC, Eclipse and so on - are Windows ports of Linux tools) maybe it would be possible to include in INDE Environment setup Cygwin too? In some pre-defined minimal configuration that would be enough for dealing with Linux-oriented source packs. Android has Linux in its base so the natural way of porting some app to Android (and x86-based Android too) is to take app's Linux sources. And here one needs configure, sh-scripts execution capability and so on - the tools that miss in Windows and provided by Cygwin for complete development environment.


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Thanks for your interest in the Beta version of the INDE product, and for your comments and suggestions.

For ARM binaries, ICC does not support the creation of ARM at this time. However, you can build a fat binary (see this article).

For Cygwin, as your realize the current version of INDE does not support this, as we expect our intended customer base will use either Visual Studio, Eclipse, or Android Studio for their development. But I will forward your request to the Development Team for consideration in a future version of the product.

Thanks again for your use of the INDE product and your feedback regarding the usefulness of these tools.



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