Workaround for INDE issues (including INDE blank/white screen)

Workaround for INDE issues (including INDE blank/white screen)


After installing INDE, a few customers have been seeing a blank screen when attempting to run the INDE tool (that is, before even attempting to install any components).

At this time, there is no simple "fix", but a workaround is available:

  1. Shut down INDE (both the GUI and the System Tray Service).
  2. Check Task Manager to make sure there are no stray INDE processes still running (will probably be indehub.exe, and be sure you followed the steps mentioned in item #1).
  3. Remove the INDE directory from C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Temp (type %Temp% in Start Menu search; if you get an “In use” error, refer to step #2).
  4. Restart INDE (from the Windows "start" menu).
  5. If you see a white screen again, wait about 10-15 seconds and it should come back. You may also see a flash or two; this is an auto update of the INDE files that is occurring.

If you still have problems after performing the above steps, please reply to this post with details about what you have tried and what you are seeing.

Note that the above process can also be used to fix other installation issues with the Intel INDE beta. For example, if you've "downloaded" the environment but never see the "install" option, this procedure should also clear this issue.



ps -> some of the files may be "locked" due to running INDE processes using these files; if so, you'll need to stop these processes via the Task Manager

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