Fresh install of INDE/samples/icc => compile errors !

Fresh install of INDE/samples/icc => compile errors !


this is my configuration: VS2015.5RC ultimate, icc 2015.4, INDE professionnal (w_inde_2015.2.027.exe), and intel media samples
I just open sample_common and start build and get many errors (see file attached).

Are you serious Intel ?

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Hi Matheiu,

Can you let me know OS version you are using? I successfully built sample_common on same configuration as yours on Win 8.1/Win 8. Also, please verify if VS 2015 is installed correctly.

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Hello Harsh,

thank you for replying, and my apologies for complaining. I'm using Windows 8.1 enterprise N 64 bits. I'm actually using VS2013.5RC, not VS2015, but the error log I attached says it's about mfxExtThreadsParam.

The problem is mfxExtThreadsParam is defined nowhere in sample nor in media sdk. (I grepped for it).
Doesn't it should be in mfxstructures.h ?



mfxExtThreadsParam is defined in mfxcommon.h file located at <mediaSDK/include/>. Please verify if INDE msdk installation was complete. If installation was complete you should have the file at above location.

I tried on VS 2013 Ultimate edition (not on VS2013.5RC) and was successfully in the building app. Please try again and build the sample with VS2013 installed correctly. Let me know if you still see the issue. If you do, attach a log from system analyzer <mediasdk>/tools/media_analyzer> with error logs from VS.



sorry for the silence. I updated VS to 2015 enterprise for some reasons. This time, I have this:

1>  sysmem_allocator.cpp
1>  vpp_ex.cpp
1>  atomic.cpp
1>src\vm\atomic.cpp(24): error #1879: unimplemented pragma ignored
1>    #pragma intrinsic (_InterlockedIncrement16)
1>            ^
1>src\vm\atomic.cpp(25): error #1879: unimplemented pragma ignored
1>    #pragma intrinsic (_InterlockedDecrement16)

I don' t have this with msvc++ compiler. This seems to be an old problem:

What can I do ?

Hello Again,

Previously, can you let me know if you were  successful in building the samples on VS 2013? I was successful and didnot see any issue in building samples on VS2015 enterpise edition with latest samples ver. Please check and verify if VS 2015 is installed correctly on your machine.

Also, for quick turn around on compiler questions, I suggest to direct your questions here : If you have any further questions on media, please let us know here: with a new thread as it will help us track better.



I remove VS2013, so I won't be able to test it soon, and I successfully compiled with VS2015.

I needed to add c++11 language feature with icc 15.0 as compiler.


Hi Mathieu,

Glad, you were able to resolve the issue. Happy coding!


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