Do I keep Intel INDIE Free Professional Edition Promotion?

Do I keep Intel INDIE Free Professional Edition Promotion?


I just found out about the Intel INDIE platform through a news article about added support for iOS apps recently. I'm looking into learning Android app development and figured if I could develop apps for iOS at the same time without having to learn Swift, why not. I noticed that Intel is giving the Professional edition away currently (ends August 31st 2015). As a novice level programmer (I have basic C++ programming experience and a little bit of Java) and new to app development, I don't know how many of the Professional Edition features I'll actually use, but I might as well take advantage of the promotion while I can. I have already signed up and received my product key for the Professional edition, but after August 31st, will I still be able to use the Professional edition for free, or will my licence downgrade to the free starter edition? Thanks.


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Yes. After Aug 31, you will be able to use INDE Professional edition for free, and you license will *not* downgrade to the starter edition. For more information for developing Multi-OS apps please see


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