How to remove any reference to C:\Intel\INDE\IDEintegration\SDK

How to remove any reference to C:\Intel\INDE\IDEintegration\SDK


as the post title, Android Studio (windows 7) continues searching path C:\Intel\INDE\IDEintegration\SDK after my Intel INDE uninstallation.

Error is:

Error:The SDK directory 'C:\Intel\INDE\IDEintegration\SDK' does not exist.

Please fix the 'sdk.dir' property in the file.

My sdk.dir value in is updated, but i Android Studio still search for path C:\Intel\INDE\IDEintegration\SDK.

Maybe i have to update some referenes in gradle directory?

How can i tell to Android Studio or gradle to not use this path anymore?

Please help me, i'm stuck.


Thank you for any suggestions.


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Hi Lewix,

Can you check your Environment Variable - ANDROID_HOME? Is it still pointing to C:\Intel\INDE\IDEIntegration\SDK? If yes, then you need to reset it to your new path and then restart Android Studio.

Let me know if that works. 


yes i solved updating path in Environment Variable ANDROID_HOME.

Thank you anyway for your help!


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