running sample_decode (msdk_ffmpeg_integration) ERROR

running sample_decode (msdk_ffmpeg_integration) ERROR


I successfully compiled sample_decode with Intel icc 15.0 (I changed source so error codes are translated directly)
When I try to run sample_decode.exe I have various errors, depending on the file.

with a .mov file encoded with h264/avc I have this:
 .\sample_decode.exe h264 -i $inavc -o dummy.out

ERROR expect more data at input
src\pipeline_decode.cpp  49

ERROR expect more data at input
src\pipeline_decode.cpp  563

ERROR the previous asynchrous operation is in execution
src\sample_decode.cpp  262

What can I do ?

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Hi Mathieu,

sample_decode can decode h264 bitstreams and I see you are using .mov file. You need a demuxer to strip the container and then feed to  sample_decode.exe. You can use ffmpeg or yamb tool to demux the content.
Let us know if you still see an issue. If you do, please send us system analyzer logs from <installed directory>\tools\mediasdk_system_analyzer.


Hello Surbhi,

it worked indeed. Thanks. However I'm a bit disappointed: decoding is very slow, and the CPU (2500k) is used at only 1 core over 4, and in the end, the program is stuck in spinning at decoding more frames than there actually are for tens of minutes.

I'm also trying the gfx samples, but it doesn't compile: I have several times this error:

7>  Convolution.cpp
7>C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio 14.0\VC\include\type_traits(1617): error : a nonstatic member reference must be relative to a specific object
7>            -> decltype(_STD invoke(get(), _STD forward<_Types>(_Args)...))

I added /Qstd=c++11 but it doesn't change anything.

I'm using icc 2015u4 and VS2015 enterprise.
The goal is to decode, and eventually convert to RGB24 a MJPEG video as fast as possible.
In the end, I think that Intel could make its libraries more developer friendly, with better tutorials and eventually SO quality answers, than just long and dry samples. This is a key for a broader adoption IMHO.

Hi Mathieu, 

Thanks for the feedback. We continuously try to improve the product. 
Few things to confirm to make sure we are on the same page - 

  • Media SDK Client, part of INDE is currently supporting 3rd generation and above. Since 2nd generation has graphics support to use Media SDK, so you can definitely use it but there will be no bug fixes or driver support from Intel. 
  • You can download the latest set of samples from here and please check if you see same issue. You can also use tutorials which are easy to start with and get basic understanding of Media SDK pipeline. 
  • Can you please send a system analyzer logs to check your system configuration, present @ <installed folder>/mediasdk/tools/mediasdk_systemanalyze

Note: If you have a mjpeg input stream, the hw acceleration for MJPEG decdoe is available from 4th generation onwards. Media SDK doesn't support RGB24 color format, it supports RGB32 and other color formats mentioned in the manual at  Pg7. 

Hope this information helps. 




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