having problems with frame rate conversion

having problems with frame rate conversion

Hello there!

I'm issuing some problem, while trying to VPP  "bmdModeNTSC" signal to a custom output "640x360@25.00p" .
is my VPP configuration:

"Intel API Implementation: MFX_IMPL_HARDWARE, MFX_IMPL_VIA_D3D9, MFX_IMPL_VIA_D3D11 Version: 1.16"    

"-------VPP Parameter-------"    
"AsyncDepth: 0"    
"NumExtParam: 0"    

"-------VPP INPUT-------"    
"BitDepthLuma: 8"    
"BitDepthChroma: 8"    
"Shift: 0"    
"FourCC: YUY2"    
"Width: 720"    
"Height: 512"    
"CropX: 0"    
"CropY: 0"    
"CropW: 720"    
"CropH: 486"    
"FrameRateExtN: 30000"    
"FrameRateExtD: 1001"    
"AspectRatioW: 0"    
"AspectRatioH: 0"    
"ChromaFormat: MFX_CHROMAFORMAT_YUV422"    

"-------VPP OUTPUT-------"    
"BitDepthLuma: 8"    
"BitDepthChroma: 8"    
"Shift: 0"    
"FourCC: RGB4"    
"Width: 640"    
"Height: 368"    
"CropX: 54"    
"CropY: 0"    
"CropW: 532"    
"CropH: 360"    
"FrameRateExtN: 10000000"    
"FrameRateExtD: 400000"    
"AspectRatioW: 0"    
"AspectRatioH: 0"    
"ChromaFormat: MFX_CHROMAFORMAT_YUV444"    

The Problem ist VPP engine doesnt't drop any frames as it should (approximately 5 frames per second).

Why not? Or what im doing wrong?

Kind regards,

Max  Walter




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Hi There,

I suggest you using NV12 as input and output for FRC. You can refer to Intel Media SDK Reference Manual page 8, only NV12 is supported by MSDK VPP FRC filter.




Hello Zachary!

No i don't. Im using YUY2 as input and RGB32 as output.

You are right, because of documentation says (https://software.intel.com/sites/default/files/mediasdk-man.pdf , page 8) NV12 is only format to support denoise, deinterlace, image stabilization, frame rate conversion.

But its very confusing to me now, because resizing is very well works with  RGB32 and YUY2 as input !?!?!?!?



Hi Max,

Which OS are you using ? Windows or Linux ?

Do you test resize with MSDK sample sample_vpp_drm or sample_vpp.exe ?




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