Unable to decompress Jpeg2000

Unable to decompress Jpeg2000

I got this as part of a dicom from 3rd party pacsand while i cnat decompress it with UIC and OpenJPEG it does decompress fine with another j2k library.any idea why is it not decompressing and cant it be easily fixed patched (im using latest ipp 7)

Downloadapplication/octet-stream NOVAJ2K.dcm.j2k17.28 KB
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I verify that this file cannot be read by IPP/UIC 7.

The file can be read by Photoshop and ACDSee.

The file is not a J2K/JP2 file, it is rather a JPC/J2C file (Jpeg2000 CODE file, no header boxes).

It seems it is created by Kakadu codec.

Beats me why IPP cannot read it.

yeah glad its not only me having this issue

Hi Aris and Thomas, Opensource utils (Jasper and OpenJPEG) cannot read this file as well.  UIC diagnostics is:> uic_ranscoder_con.exe -i NOVAJ2K.dcm.j2k -o NOVAJ2K.dcm.bmp -dIntel® Integrated Performance Primitives  version: 7.1.0 (r36264), [7.1.36264.0]  name:    ippJP AVX (e9)  date:    Jul 23 2012Msg: 'UIC::JPEG2000Decoder::Warn_COMUsed'Msg: 'UIC::JPEG2000Decoder::Warn_COMUsed'Msg: 'UIC::JPEG2000Decoder::Warn_PLTUsed'Msg: 'UIC::JPEG2000Decoder::Warn_PLTUsed'Msg: 'UIC::JPEG2000Decoder::Warn_PLTUsed'Msg: 'UIC::JPEG2000Decoder::Warn_PLTUsed'Msg: 'UIC::JPEG2000Decoder::Warn_PLTUsed'Msg: 'UIC::JPEG2000Decoder::Warn_PLTUsed'Msg: 'UIC::JPEG2000Decoder::Warn_PLTUsed'Msg: 'UIC::JPEG2000Decoder::Warn_PLTUsed'Msg: 'UIC::JPEG2000Decoder::Warn_PLTUsed'Msg: 'UIC::JPEG2000Decoder::Warn_PLTUsed'Msg: 'UIC::JPEG2000Decoder::Except_noDataToRead'JPEG2K decoder error: can not read dataError in DecodeImage finction! Regards,Sergey

Anyway, since the file actually can be successfully decoded by at least three other apps (Photoshop, ACDSee, Kakadu codec), I believe this is a good opportunity for Intel to make IPP more robust, to allow it to read oddly encoded j2k files.

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