I have been
struggling with the LR blind deconvolution for a little while...

Does anyone have a
working code snippet C/C++/C# that shows the initialization of the kernel, and
which kernel size to use?

The Intel
documentation is not very informative on this I think.

My images are 2D
and typically 1600x1200 pixels. It would be great to be able to run RGB
deconvolution - but mono would be some start...

Any hints or
comments are highly appreciated

Thanks, Niels

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Could you check the post, which discuss the kernel setting on this function:



I looked at the
kernel size discussion, and came a little further - now the program runs without crashing, and without bad error codes :-)

Unfortunately the
resulting image has some artifacts - like horizontal lines in the image, and
some repeated 'error-pixels' (Would be easier to explain if I could attach an

Some parameter

(1) I briefly
looked into the original 1972 Richardson paper, and found that the number of
iterations seems to be 10 in the examples there.

(2) What is the
purpose of the thresholding parameter?

(3) Like others I
have a tough time understanding the kernel, its size and sane values from the
start. The original paper uses a 2x2 kernel?

(4) From another
discussing in this forum, I read that the ROI needs to be square - or maybe it
is the kernel? It is not very clear.

A running sample
would be great - it is an interesting topic!


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