MJPEG decoder is slow, decoding @ half rate

MJPEG decoder is slow, decoding @ half rate

Dear All,We are using IPP verion 7Package ID: w_ipp_7.0.1.127 w_ccompxe_2011.1.127 and samplesw_ipp-samples_p_7.0.7.064We are receving stream from IP camera and decoding for analytics purposeWhen we set fps = 15 in camera and try to decode with MJPEG decoder we are getting only 7-8 fps, if we find SOI and EOI and pass to JPEG decoder we are getting 13 - 14 fpsPlease helpThanks,Vikas K R

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someonePlease help

Hi Vikas,Do you use multi-threaded decoder? If yes, try to build single-thread decoder, or you may continue compile decoder as multi-threaded, but build the final application with single-thread IPP libraries. It may happen, that oversubscription takes place here.Reply how it goes.Regards,Sergey

Hi Sergey,Where do we do this?We are usingm_pVidDecparams->numThreads = 1, this should be single thread decoder right?Regards,Vikas K R

Good day.

Can you share this stream? I'd like to take a look.

Sorry my bad :(Issue Solved, after decoding one image, we cleared my receiving buffer which actually had next frame data, because of this used to get half frame rateNow getting full frame rate :)

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