any support for v210 yuv color format (used with HD-SDI)

any support for v210 yuv color format (used with HD-SDI)

I need to work with 10-bit yuv 422 images (used in HD-SDI). I believe the fourcc code for this is v210. The format is described in detail at My rough description of it is: 30 bits are used to store 3 consecutive components followed by 2 bits of padding; so in 4 32-bit words, 6 uyvy values (12 components) are stored.

word: | w0 | w1 | w2 | w3 | -------|----|----|----|----| pixel: |uyv |yuy |vyu |yvy | -------|----|----|----|----| (the page on the web site is much better than my description here).

Are there any IPP functions that will help with this format?


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Hi Phil,

Seeing from ipp manual,, i don't thinkany IPP function canhelpwithsuch format.

Best Regards,

But I found one that is very close. I believe that my request is for a 20-bit variant of


a 16-bit per pixel CbYCr image to a BGR image for an ITU-R BT.709 HDTV

(What IPP calls 16-bit per pixel, others call 8-bit YUV 422, where 8-bits are used to represent the Y, U, and V components. So what I referred to as 10-bit yuv 422, I believe IPP would call 20-bit per pixel.)

Is this forum posting an "official" request or is there something more influential I could do? I think this is something that is perfect for IPP. It requires an efficient implementation and low-level unpacking and changing the representation/format so that the frame may be used in conventional ways. My top two requests for this format would be:

1) a ToBGR function that converts to 16U_C3 RGB

2) extract Y to 16U_C1 gray.

I will be doing computer vision with this 720P, 60 fps HD-SDI video, and
cannot spend unnecessary cycles for a color conversion. So I would like to see these implemented in IPP.



Hi Phi,

Not sure if i have replied the threads.  Yes, this forum can have offical request and have influential as it is open for the developers who have same request . The request have been recorded in IPP track databse DPD200341468.

On the other hand,  you may have known that, in the article , IPP may streamline instead of increase more functions.  .

Best Regards,



I know this is an old post. Is there any support for this color format now?

Intel IPP cannot help you. 
There are no such functions in Intel IPP. 

Hi Phil, Aditaya, 

We discussed your request with our product team again, because of  the format is from old standard and we get only you two requests about the functionality, we plan to no adding it in product.   Just  check with you if the function is still interested and also for other user, if you have such request, and please let us know. 



I see this is an oldish post but has some recent comments - so I thought I would add my 2p worth

I don't believe 10bit YUV422 (rec709) can be considered as an 'old' format. It's in use in thousands of broadcast centres around the world. In fact the whole of HD TV broadcasting is based around 709 10bit YUV422. The move to UHD has not impacted this - in fact UHD is currently still YUV422 10bit. Even the new, yet to be standardised rec2020 incorporates 10 bit encoding. The move to HDR is only going to compound this.

In addition, there are many file based video formats that use 10bit encoding. (ProRes/AVCIntra to name 2). Which is what led me to this post.

I would like to also request IPP functions to convert between 8/10/12 and 16bit conversion routines 

Or have I got hold of the wrong end of the SDI cable.

Just to add another request and to reinforce that 10 bit formats are still widely used ...

the popular Blackmagic Design DeckLink cards also support this format for 4K/2K/HD/SD-SDI.   I really wanted to support 10-bit color but could not find any routine in the IPP library that seemed to fit for my DeckLink cards.   So I would like to add my name to the list of requesters for v210.



Hi Andres, Jrberry, BatterseaSteve

Thanks for the feedback. I add your request to the list.  Let our product team to reconsider the request. I will update you if any result. 



Hi Ying, 

I read the conversation and I agree perfectly with BatterseaSteve and jrberry, YUV 10 bits is definitely not an old format. 

I am adding another request for it, and hopefully since it was in 2015, maybe something has changed ?


Sarra F

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