UMC and Media SDK

UMC and Media SDK

This thread continues a discussion from the IPP 7.1 Betainvitation to elaborate on differences between IPP UMC and Media SDK.

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Quoting Jeffrey Mcallister (Intel)
.... Low H264 performance in UMC is a known problem. ...

Hi Jeff,

Could you please elaborate on that? Is it a general problem - and at what level is "low" considered to be?

Your rough run-times listed (acknowledging that they are not benchmarks) do indicate UMC being several % slower than Media SDK in SW mode. Even using the usual grain of salt, are those numbers indicative (given the stream, resolution, processor etc.) of the difference in performance between UMC and Media SDK SW?


- Jay

By the way, perhaps this discussion would be better to move into a seperate thread with appropriate topic...

Performance is a tricky topic. As you pointed out, there are a lot of variables. The intent here is just to outline some general trends. Media SDK has many advantages -- so yes, it is expected to be faster than UMC ina lotofcases. UMC is a software implementation, while Media SDK gives access to hardware acceleration. Some things that are likely to make the ratio even bigger in Media SDK's favor are higher resolution, encode, and working with multiple streams simultaneously.

There are other things to consider than runtime performance though. Media SDK can provide better power efficiency, andwith hardware acceleration the CPUis freed to do other things. However, an even bigger consideration is that MediaSDK is a product and UMC is a sample.

Any thoughts/feedback are appreciated.Thanks for the suggestion to start anew threadon this.


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