How to Filter Two Channel Image

How to Filter Two Channel Image

Hi,I have a two channel image and I need to do a low pass filter on the image. I only see support for 1,3,4 channels. Should I use 16u_C1R mod and divide the steps by two? The layout of the image is 4:2:2.Thanks.

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You'd be wasting computation to use a C3R to just disregard the third channel. You've got the right idea.

Hi Vetroxi,

Just comments,

If your image 4:2:2, 2channel is like YCrYCbYCrYCb....
there may two problems cause wrong result finally.
1. two 8udata != 16u low pass filter will use the neighbor pixer, you may mix Cr and Cb into computation.

You may need check the ipp reference manual to choose some suitable functions or functions combination to do this.

Best Regards,

Thanks Ying,I have worked around this by converting to a planar image and doing a filter on planar channels. Seems to work ok.

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