ippiConvValid_32f -9 mem error

ippiConvValid_32f -9 mem error

Assuming all images are sqaure for this example and all kernel sizes are odd.I = input image size before paddingk = kernel size (always odd)We pad I by k.Src1 forippiConvValid is of size I + k - 1Scr2 forippiConvValid is of size kAccording to the documentation,dest of ippiConvValid_32f is of size ( I + k -1 ) - k + 1 = IEverything work perfect!!...until k > IWhen k > I,ippiConvValid_32f outputs black.Can someone please lookinto this for me. I need a solution to this problem as k is often greater than I.Is there a workaround?Thanks,Ryan

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but what is the return Value of ippiConvValid when k > i?

We installed IPP 7.0.7 The error is now solved!!!We're able to convolve all the way up until we get a -9 memory error:ippStsMemAllocErr/* Memory allocated for the operation is not enough. */Thanks!

Hi,I'm testing on a Win7 64bit. Intel Xeon 24 thread machine with 32GB of RAM.I'm getting: ippStsMemAllocErr = -9, /* Memory allocated for the operation is not enough. */ withippiConvValid_32f_C1RWhen I increase the size of the kernel forippiConvValid_32f_C1R incrementally until I get the error -9. On input sizes just prior to the -9 error, my system is just barely using 6GB.I am often doing large convoultion and need to be able to utilize my 32GB of system memory. Help please?Best,Ryan


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