Incorrect documentation for ippInit function (return values)

Incorrect documentation for ippInit function (return values)


The documentation is incorrect (unclear and incomprehensive) for the ippInit function. According to the documentation, the function is only supposed to be able to return one and only one return value (status code), i.e. ippStsNoErr. It may, however, return other values, e.g. ippStsNonIntelCpu e.g. when on an AMD processor. What will the function return when run on an older processor that does not support SSE2+ (e.g. a Pentium III)? I have not yet been able to test that.

This was tested with IPP 7.0.7 but I suppose that the behavior has been like this since the first introduction of the method as a replacement of ippStaticInit.

Please correct the documentation for the next update of 7.0 or in 7.1 (as it is still not correct in 7.1beta).

- Jay

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Hi, thanks for the report. it might be the doc's issue. we will check and fix the issue if this is the real problem.

hello,in this case ippInit returns
ippStsNotSupportedCpu status and enables SSE2 optimization.

regarding documentation - we will fix it in the future updates.

Great, Gennady. Thanks for the info. Looking forward to the updated documentation.

- Jay

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