Will ippiResizeSqrPixel support _xxx_C2R in the future?

Will ippiResizeSqrPixel support _xxx_C2R in the future?


I have a program keep resizing a 2d complex number matrix/plane. Now the data is saved in standard {REAL, IMG} format, i.e., the result of a 2d FFT. In order to use ippiResizeSqrPixel on this complex plane, I have to split the data into REAL plane and IMG plane and call ippiResizeSqrPixel_32f_C1R() seperately on each plane, then merge two results together to one complex plane.

I notice that there exist _32f_C3R and _32f_C4R in IPP, only _32f_C2R is missing, which is what I need. Will IPP add this mode in the near future?

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For image processing domain, generally, we do not have support C2 format( for complex data). I think split the data is the way that can be used at this moment. But I will track it into our database, so it can be reviewed for future release plan.


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