Hi,Where can I find this library. It's not included with IPP.ThanksSorin

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Quoting Sorin GoldenbergWhere can I find this library. It's not included with IPP...
Forolder versions of IPP the library has to be in a '..\Stublib'folder. What IPP version are you using?

Same question. I have Intel C++ Composer XE for Windows. I have no Stublib folder and no ippcorel.lib file.

Hi George,

We stopped putting libraries into stublib since, may be, IPP 6.1.

In the Composer/IPP directory - usually C:\Program Files(x86)\Intel\Composer XE 2013\ipp - there should be "lib" folder.

All IPP libraries must be in that folder.


Thanks Sergey. I have 32-bit OS so all my stuff is under C:\Program Files\Intel... I'm pretty sure I installed everything there was to install, but there is no ippcorel.lib file. What's the difference betwen ippcorel.lib and ippcore.lib? I'm not familiar with ipp and really just trying to rebuild some projects with minor changes (unrelated to ipp) using the latest libraries and Visual Studio C++ 2012. 

Hello George,

You didn't specify what IPP version installed on your compuiter, I suspect it's 7.1.

In this version the libraries with "_l" suffix are merged (all CPU architectures) static single-thread libraries. "_t" are merged, static, multi-thread libs. The libraries without suffix, like ippcore.lib, are export libraries, i.e. only contain entries into corresponding DLLs. So, if you link your application with these libraries, it will require IPP dynamic libraries to run. There are pros and cons in static and dynamic linking. Refer to IPP docs for the details.

Good luck and regards,

Hi Sergey,

I believe it is 7.1. I have no libraries with "_l" or "_t" suffix. I do have libraries ending in "mt" (example "ippcoremt.lib"). I do not have a corresponding "ippcorel.lib". I think you're implying there is supposed to be an "ippcorel.lib" file (and others ending in "l"), so how do I get them?


This is IPP 8.0. "mt" suffix is a new naming rule to be in symc with other Intel and non-Intel libraries (MS style). "mt" doesn't mean multithreading, but ordinary single-thread static merged libs. This is the analogue to "l" suffix from previous versions. So, you don't need to searh for ippcorel.lib. ippcoremt.lib is what you need.



I have faced a similar problem. I am using ipp7.1. Finding out what libraries ipp needs is really hard and the available documentation is contradictory and confusing. I needed to move from dynamic linking to static linking and it's taken me ages to get the set of libraries with an underscore 't'. The available installer from Intel is broken and needs hand unpacking after ignoring error messages. I've just realised that I was aiming for single threaded libraries, not multi threaded so I'll have to start the whole process over again.

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