H.264 Decoder hangs on close

H.264 Decoder hangs on close


I currently have a problem after upgrading from IPP 7.0.4
to 7.0.7 and the related UMC samples. Now, the H.264 decoder hangs
within the close routine. I know, that this should be fixed since 7.0.6
and therefor I'm a little bit confused.

I have tracked it down to vm_mutex_lock function in which the deadlock seems to be.

Do I have to take anything else int account? Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance and regards,

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some additional information:

I could get around these problems by setting the thread numbers explicitly to 1 or 2 befor initiating the decoder. After this, close finished properly. The former initiation used 0 (as this is the default value) as threadNum value.

After all, is this a known issue or do I have to do anything different?


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